Skin Tone Color Card™
The MySkins™ Color Matching System

Ever decided you couldn't wear that perfect outfit because you didn't have the right color undergarments? You are not alone. Traditionally women around the world could only choose between two or three basic lingerie colors and unfortunately today not much has changed. Women's underwear still focuses on a handful of colors that does not match the majority of women's skin tones and can also result in embarrassing lingerie lines. At MySkins™ we created our underwear with women in mind. We have a number of products that are available in 20 skin matching nude colors in order to minimize or eliminate color transfer.

Our unique color system was developed over a one-year period specifically for providing women with numerous options for nude colored bras that can't be found in department stores or popular lingerie brands. We visited multiple cities across the country, surveying over 600 women of different shapes and sizes. During our survey, we found a variety of skin colors and knew that one nude color was not enough. As a result, our color range was developed to encompass 20 skin-matching nude colors for each of our seamless bras. Not only do we have 20 skin matching nude colors, our MySkins™ Skin Tone Color Card™ matches 95 percent of the population allowing women to find their true nude. Whether you are looking for a great t-shirt bra to fit seamlessly with a favorite white shirt, a plunge bra to wear with a stunning gown or a convertible demi bra for fashion flexibility; our color matching system can match your skin tone perfectly. A nude color bra from MySkins™ brings the invisible bra to reality.

To use our color system is simple. If you have a quality color printer available, print a color chart from our website. Otherwise, fill out the information on the website and request a color card to be mailed to you. With the MySkins™ Skin Tone Color Card™ in hand, match your skin to the color on the card that best matches you. The best locations to color match for your bra would be the front of your shoulder, or the center of your chest. Whichever location you choose should be part of your tanned area.

To color match for the panty we recommend using your upper thigh or hip area. Remember, good natural light is your best source for lighting. Your overall skin tone color should allow for choosing a single color choice for both your bra and panty.

It's that simple! After you match your skin tone the next step is to find the perfect fit by following our bra sizing guide. If you already know your correct size, browse our selection and order any style in your matching color.

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